Soundtrack Your Brand – Music For Every Business

Control all of your music in all your locations from the simple and familiar interface of Soundtrack Your Brand

Simple Interface – Powerful Features

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    Control All Your Locations

    We make it simple to play your music across many locations from a single dashboard.

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    Professional Playlists

    Includes a wide selection of playlists specially made for businesses. They are always updated and are never repetitive.

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    Schedule Your Music

    Create perfect music schedules that create the right mood at the right time for your customers

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    One Account, Many Users

    Give your staff different levels of access depending on their roles.

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    Your Phone as a Remote

    With the iOS / Android remote, your staff can fine-tune the volume or skip songs to adjust to changing conditions.

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    Play From Your Existing Hardware

    You can use devices you already have (iOS device / Android device / Windows PC) or purchase our dedicated Soundtrack Player.

Interact With Your Brand Music

Control Music

Control the music in all your locations from the web-based interface, or use the iOS / Android Remote app to fine-tune your sound from wherever you are.

Play Music

You can play music using an iOS or Android device, a Windows PC, or our dedicated Soundtrack Player device.

Display Music

Use an internet-connected TV, iPhone, or iPad to display the music you’re playing. It’s a great conversation starter.

Soundtrack Your Brand Pricing



per month

  • Manage Multiple Locations and Zones
  • Soundtracks
  • Playlists
  • Audio Controls of Locations and Zones
  • User Management
  • iPhone Remote Control
  • IOS & Windows Playback Device Support
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€199 €99

per month

  • Manage Multiple Locations and Zones
  • Soundtracks
  • Playlists
  • Audio Controls of Locations and Zones
  • User Management
  • iPhone Remote Control
  • IOS & Windows Playback Device Support
  • Create Schedules with 24/7 calendar view
  • Assign Schedules to multiple locations / zones
  • Combine Soundtracks and Playlists to overlap on the schedule as required
  • Access to our experienced music curation team
  • Our curators will design and build your playlists for you
  • Unlimited (within reason!) playlist curation each month
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Music Rights and Legals

No, the license you get with Spotify Premium is for private use and doesn’t let you play music in public environments, such as a restaurant or store. Copyright law is easy to enforce and can result in fast prosecutions. If you continue to use Spotify in your business, you are taking an unnecessary risk!

We strongly recommend that you sign up for Soundtrack Your Brand Curated, after which you’ll be able to setup up custom 24/7 schedules of Soundtracks and Playlists, and our team will be able to recreate your existing playlists for you.

It is fully legal to use this service in your business. Soundtrack Your Brand provides the music service with all of the required commercial licenses for playback in commercial and public performance settings.
Yes, you still need a venue license from PPI / IMRO in Ireland from here or PPL / PRS in the UK here. In other jurisdictions please check with your local music rights provider, or contact us for assistance.
See this link for the terms and conditions and privacy policies relating to Soundtrack Your Brand and Spotify Business.

Music Playback

Yes, with Soundtrack Your Brand Premium and above, you can create your own schedule of playlists which can play during the week. The schedule can be as simple or complex as you need.
Yes, our built in Soundtracks and Playlists can be previewed from your browser or mobile device. The preview will play a short sample of a selection of songs to give you a feel for the Soundtrack or Playlist before you commit to playing it in your location.
With our Soundtrack Your Brand Curated subscription you can avail of our in-house music curation experts to design and build playlists based on your exact needs and in keeping with your brand values.

The subscription allows for as many curated playlists as you require (within reason!) and will be put together by our music experts who have experience over the last decade of creating tens of thousands of commercial playlists for businesses of all types.

Soundtracks and Playlists

Soundtracks are professional selections of music specially made for businesses. They are always updated, will never go silent and are never repetitive.

Soundtracks come in a wide variety of styles and levels of intensity to suit any business.

Unlike a Soundtrack that never stops playing, a playlist covers up to 6-8 hours of music.

Playlists complement our Soundtracks and are perfect for one-off events and time-limited activities. Use Playlists during campaigns and stay relevant to customers by connecting your brand to local events or holidays.

Playback Devices

We support Soundtrack Players, Windows PCs and almost all iOS devices.

Find a full list of supported devices here.

We don’t offer a specific app that you can use to play music in your Sonos system. You can, however, connect your Soundtrack Business device through the line-input to your Sonos using an audio cable.
You can play music with Soundtrack Your Brand if your wireless speakers supports Bluetooth or Airplay and if you are using an IOS product as your playback device.
The Soundtrack Player is a practical solution since it’s a streaming box fully dedicated to our music solution.

If you want to use our Soundtrack Player to play music, you can order them here. The price of each player is 150 EUR.


Not at present, but soon the Android apps for Soundtrack Your Brand will be released – watch this space!


A location represents a physical place, such as a restaurant or shop. Each location needs a dedicated device.
Yes. In Soundtrack Business, you add locations for each place where you want to play music. Each location requires it’s own subscription but can me managed under a single control panel.

A location represents a physical place, such as a restaurant or shop. Having multiple locations allows you to play different music in different stores, or the same Soundtrack / Playlist / Schedule in all locations.

Within a location, you can add multiple zones of music, each of which can have its own Soundtrack / Playlist / Schedule assigned to it.

Each zone requires a playback device such as an IOS device, Windows PC or our Soundtrack Player.

You can add as many zones as you need to each location and you can add or remove zones as your require.

Pricing and Billing

Soundtrack Your Brand is a subscription service that’s renewed on a monthly basis. Soundtrack Your Brand is designed to suit all companies regardless of their size.

You pay a price for each location where you want to play music. The service is available globally and the price per location is €35 per month for our standard service, €49 per month for our premium service, and €199 per month for our curated service.

Additional zones can be added to locations at a cost of €15 per month with a standard subscription, €21 per month with a premium subscription, or €66 per month with a curated subscription.

When you play music in your business, you need to think about two different fees. The first fee covers the rights to stream music in a commercial setting. This is included in the fee for Soundtrack Your Brand.

The second fee covers the public performance right, which you need to pay if you play music from a radio, a CD player, or from a streaming service like ours. This fee is not included in the fee for our service. Contact your country’s collecting society, which represents the public performance rights holders for public performance for more information. In Ireland, that collecting society is PPI / IMRO and in the UK it is PPL / PRS

Yes. Composers and musicians are paid for the performing rights through their rights organisations, PPI and IMRO in Ireland, and PPL and PRS in the UK.

You need these licenses when you play music in your business, whether if it’s from a CD player, a radio, a TV, or an online streaming service.

You can subscribe online and instantly sign up using a credit card, debit card or via Direct Debit securely from your bank account (note that we cannot currently process direct debits from UK bank accounts)
No, all subscriptions must be activated by signing up with your credit / debit card or Direct Debit details – we do not offer a credit facility, sorry.
There is no contract and you can cancel at any time! Simply login to your account, go to your subscriptions and cancel the service or location you need.

The subscription renews on a monthly basis. You can cancel at any time and when you cancel you will still be able to enjoy the service until the next renewal due date.

You will need to agree to the terms and conditions before subscribing.

Please contact us with any pre-sales queries you have regarding billing and subscriptions.

When you sign up with your email address, we will send you PDF invoices each month as your subscription renews. If you require copies of invoices or statements of account, email us at and we will happy to oblige.


If you’ve ordered a subscription and are planning on using your existing IOS or Windows device, you’ll be playing music in your business in less than 24 hours, and normally much quicker! After purchase, our team will activate your subscription and send you the invite to your management control panel.

If you haven’t received your invite within 24 after ordering, please contact us.

We have Soundtrack Players in stock and will dispatch same business day by courier – you’ll most likely receive your Soundtrack Player the next business day after you order.

We’ll send you the tracking number once the order has been completed.

Soundtrack Your Brand Standard – €35 per month

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Soundtrack Your Brand Premium – €49 per month

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Soundtrack Your Brand Curated – €199 €99 per month

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