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Manage the music in all your locations from one place. With data from 100 million Spotify users, our music team knows what’s trending and popular around the world and in your neighborhood.

Subscribe today and cancel anytime without penalty – we don’t make you sign a long term contract!

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Add an optional second zone (or more if you like) of music to your location. Note that each additional zone requires one of our Soundtrack Players, or your own supplied compatible iPod Touch / iPad / iPhone / Windows PC

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Create soundtracks
Create your own customized soundtrack. Set the mood and tone to give your business a consistent branded vibe.

Schedule your music
Schedule different soundtracks throughout the day to match the changing tempo of your business.

Control the mood and tempo
Play music based on energy levels, beats, genres and decades. Your soundtracks can be fine-tuned in thousands of ways.

Explicit-lyrics filter
Family-friendly business? Stay that way with the flip of a switch. We tag songs with inappropriate lyrics.

300+ curated soundtracks
Soundtracks make it easy to maintain the right mood and stay consistent. Our soundtracks are updated with new songs so they never become repetitive.

Import Spotify Playlists
You can easily import playlists directly from Spotify and it will automatically generate a soundtrack.

Licensed & legal
Unlike consumer services, Soundtrack is licensed for public performance business use.

Block songs
Hear a song you don’t like? You can block the song directly from your device and you’ll never have to hear it again.

No hardware needed
Most of our competitors make you use a clunky music streaming box. We’ve built super easy-to-use apps instead. But if you love boxes, we’ve got one.

Display songs
Show what’s playing right now. Decorate your business with real-time album art and visualize your soundtrack.

Soundtrack apps
The iOS and Android apps let you play, create, control and find new music.

Now Playing
Just tap on the song that’s playing and get blown away by the gorgeous aesthetics of your beautiful soundtrack. Works on all devices. Even the big ones.